Welcome to the Social Business

The business landscape is ever changing, evolving and expanding. Digital media has changed the perspective of professionals both locally and globally, and today no business exists in a vacuum.

We can help you make sense of this new digital world

Our team of digitally minded individuals has decades of combined experience, all of which is centered around the new digital world. Diverse educational as well as cultural backgrounds ensure that we posses a wide set of skills.

What can we help with?

Seismonaut Africa has three main areas of operation, as well as many sub-areas. The three main ones are:

  • Digital Media Strategies
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Innovation Management

Digital Media Strategies

The potential of digital media cannot be understated. Customers, clients and users are being brought together in new ways daily, and the businesses that are not following suit are being left behind. Read more about Seismonaut Africa's Digital Media Strategies

Strategic Consulting

For a business to succeed there needs to be a market for its products. We believe the first step towards a healthy business is a well-developed strategic overview of the field of operation. Read more about Seismonaut Africa's Strategic Consulting services

Innovation Management

We all want to innovate. But how does one go about this difficult process? A good place to start is an effectively managed ideation process - but that's just the beginning. Read more about Seismonaut Africa's Innovation Management services

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