The Mobile Banking Revolution

Africa is the Silicon Valley of banking. The future of banking is being defined here, a commentator recently told Time Magazine. In Nigeria less than 25 % of the Nigerian population have a bank account. Mobile money will take banking to the previously unbanked part of the population, but it also opens up a wide range of other benefits. It's low-tech and easy to use, transforming the society into a modern cash less society.

With 90 million mobile subscribers mobile money has a huge potential in Nigeria. To back this initiative the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2011 gave out 11 licences to banks across Nigeria to operate with mobile payment system. One of these banks was the dynamic and fast growing Fortis Microfinance Bank. As Fortis prepared to launch it's Fortis Mobile Money division, they asked Seismonaut Africa to develop a digital media strategy for the pre-launch and launch phases. Seismonaut Africa developed a digital strategy focusing partly on an online campaign drawing the attention of the target audience to the Fortis Mobile Money website, an initiative that was boosted by Google Adwords, and partly as a Facebook campaign. As a catch when people signed up they would automatically participate to win an iPhone 4S.

Mobile money has huge potential in Nigeria and with 167 million people and 90 million mobile subscribers we feel confident that Fortis Mobile Money will make a great difference in the market.

Do you also need an a-z social media strategy

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