Strategies in a travel 2.0 environment

As people from around the world become increasingly conversant with the Internet, the enormous potential of the Internet is slowly being unveiled. At the same time it is becoming clear to all what differentiates this new media platform from traditional media.

At the 2'nd Arab International E-tourism Conference held in Egypt, Anders Mogensen from Seismonaut was invited to present together with Google, Expedia, Msn and Amadeus on how Social Media is shifting the balance of Power between a business and its customers.

In traditional media the travelers were receivers of information in a closed one-way communication system. Online the travelers are part of an interactive communication process that cannot be controlled. As active users, friends and followers, travelers are taking on a new role online, and contributing as never seen before.

A raft of new socially oriented Internet services are giving even more power to the consumer challenging the power balances between industry and consumer. This development, which is also known as Travel 2.0, does not refer to any specific change in the technology of the Internet, but rather a change in the behavior of the traveler. The authority is no longer the travel agent or even the media. It's us. We're empowered with the tools that enable us to review and share our travel experiences online on social networks and websites, blogging, twittering uploading pictures and video, live- and life streaming as we travel on along.

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