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Seismonaut are quite advanced in setting up conferences and do it several times every year. In our Seismonaut Africa branch we are setting up a Social Media Conference in Abuja which focus on the use of these digital platforms and how to utilize the potential that lies in social media. Also we put focus on jounalism and how digital media and social media can contribute to even better journalism. You can sign up for the conference right here.

Here is a bit more info on the conference. 

Nigeria has more than 170 million inhabitants, and of them:

  • Over 50 million have access to the internet
  • 100 million have a mobile phone
  • 6 million are on Facebook
  • 1 million use Twitter...

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I've blogged about Facebook in Nigeria before and how quickly the development is going. The latest was this post and this post on how many Facebook users there is in Nigeria. 

Now GT Bank has passed one million fans on Facebook in Nigeria. This is equivalent to 18,66% of the total number of Nigerian Facebook users, which today is 5,357.500 (this number has actually dropped since fall 2012). Quite impressive. GT Bank has been active on social media since 2009 and is the first bank in Nigeria to reach one million fans on Facebook.  

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Read here a blogpost about some of the most interesting events during Social Media Week (SMW) in Lagos, Nigeria.

SMW is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. Our mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information. Read more about SMW here

During SMW in Copenhagen, Denmark Cheif Advizer Maria Schwarz from Seismonaut Denmark held a session on Creating and Manageing Social Content. You can check out her slides here.

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In February Seismonaut Africa hosted the first conference about journalism and social media in Abuja, entitled “Social Media and 21st Century Journalism”. I traveled from our main office in Denmark to be a part of the event with 160 others, and to speak about the role of social media in journalism.

The conference highlighted three things, each important in its own right.

  1. There is a digital divide in Nigerian society
  2. The role of government in social media is on the minds of many journalists
  3. The future is bright


I first blogged about MXit last year when I realized MXit was and still is twice as big as Facebook in South Africa. What exactly is this mobile social media really. Why is MXitmore popular than Facebook.

According to this article MXit has 49.498,267 users in 120 countries. South Africa and Nigeria are currently the fastest growing MXit countries. 50% of the users are on Nokia handsets.


Perhaps MXit's success is just a coincidence or maybe it's because MXit is focusi...

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The digital development in Nigeria is highly interesting. Two weeks ago it was announced that Facebook passed 6 million users in Nigeria. That's not the most interesting thing because Nigeria was not expected to pass South Africa in terms of users until May 2013 and the number of Facebook users grew with 720000 in September. Pretty impressive. Nigeria is now the second biggest Facebook country in Africa.

Despite Facebook's rapid growth in Nigeria and in the rest of Africa, it's not the biggest social media network in Nigeria. In this article they tell the story on how the applica...

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