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The Nigerian e-commerce market is starting to catch on. The lastest platform is Kasuwa, which is a clone of Amazon for the Nigerian market. Kasuwa is Hausa for market and the online marketplace is expected to sell electronic goods, DVD's, books, and games from local and international vendors.

As a opening promotion Kasuwa offer free shipping and when signing up you get 1500 Naira as a bonus.


The online marketplace is founded by Rocket Internet (German company) and is based in Lagos, the commercial capi...

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Some days ago I blogged about Kasuwa, which is a clone of Amazon for the Nigerian market. As I also wrote in that blog post the Nigerian e-commerce market is really getting big and very interesting. With an internet penetration of 45 mio. Nigerians (12 years ago in 2000 there were only 200.000) the e-commmerce market is potentially very profitable to tap into.

Sabunta claims to be "the most comprehensive online fashion store in Nigeria!" They sell women's and men's fashion clothes and they also state that they have excellent customer service and free shipping in Nigeria. You can pay on your doorstep wh...

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