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Nigeria is not for weaklings - that's one thing many business people say when they're in Nigeria. Many companies have their doubts when deciding whether to enter the Nigerian market or not. MTN, the biggest telecom operator in Nigeria, observed Nigeria for 3 years before entering. This is something to keep in mind. Before entering this interesting market, we also recommend that you do your studies well. Get in contact with companies in Nigeria to see if you can learn from them.

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Have you ever wondered how foreigners experience Nigeria on their first trip to the country? If yes, then this is the blog to follow in the next few weeks.

Day 4 - Lagos traffic

February 25, 2012 - Day 4

After a succesful night of networking, Collins and I had an early morning breakfast at the Radisson Blu hotel in Lagos. I must say that the stay at the hotel has been very pleasant and both the service and the facilities are highly recommendable. Nevertheless, it was time to travel back to Abuja and continue work.

Apparently, there is a law in Lagos that no cars...

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