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Yesterday Nigerian Honorable Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson announced on her Facebook page that on 16th April, she is launching Federal Government Service Portal as part of the initiatives for ‘Getting Government Online’, an initiative of the Ministry of Communication Technology. The portal is to “improve service delivery to citizens and other stakeholders”.

Government 2.0

The Minister: "The primary objective of deploying the Government Service Portal is to create an easy and single point of entry for Nigerians and other stakeholders to access government services online." This concept is often referred to as Government 2.0 where the key words are Transparency, Public Participation and P...

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The New Media and Governance was the first of it's kind in Africa. Jonas was invited to give a keynote at the conference.

The conference focused on how new (especially social) media can improve a more digital and open government and how to create more transparency. And lastly how civil society can be engaged through these new tools.

The two-day conference was held in the Shehu Musa Yar'Adua Foundation Centre in Abuja, Nigeria. The participants were a mix of public and private stakeholders and several NGO's. The Minister of Technology Communication and The Minister of Youth Development gave their views on how to...

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In May we were invited to speak at the New Media and Governance conference in Abuja. We shared our insights into how to activate citizens in the decision making process and how to engage with citizens through digital media (see our presentation here). The Nigerian Minister of Communication and Technology Mrs. Omobola Johnson also spoke at the conference. She is a very progressive and modern Minister in terms of integrating ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) in the development of Nigeria and working on a more open, transparent and participatory government.

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