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Google are doing pretty cool things, I think we all can agree on that. I read on the Google Africa Blog that they have started a Google grant program "Google Alumni", following former Google staff that is doing great things. The Impact grant is given to support the socially responsible achievements and future not-for-profit.

Joshua To, a former Program Manager at Google, founded Welldone (great name) and also works as Head of Development. They've built wells in more than 50 communities in developing countries including Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania in Africa and are creating aware...

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Google Nigeria is really trying to push for more Internet usage in Nigeria. 15 and 16 March Google held their third web and mobile conference in Lagos, the g Nigeria.

The event gathered developers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and passionate tech people. It was clear at the event that Google are quite serious about their commitment to making the web more relevant to the everyday Nigerian. There were sessions showing Nigerians new opportunities to make money from the Internet - and there is huge potential here. Take for instance a look at Google Trader if you want to earn a little extra cash.

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