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African innovation is booming. From making life a bit easier for Africans in rual parts of Africa to saving lives, many Africans are thinking innovation from their own point of view. 

We've actually quoted Professor V. Kasturi "Kash" Rangan before but the quote is still very relevant. He teaches a course in Business at the Base of the Pyramid at Harvard University and says in this article that: 

The mistake a lot of us (Westerners) make is to look at the folks at the base of the pyramid and assume that they must need the same types of services we need.


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Here are a few predictions of what we are likely to see in Africa in 2012

- Mobile payments. This is a given as many banks/telecoms providers already have started this, but the potential is simply massive and we will see many companies try to get a piece of the cake. I believe the ones that will make it are the ones that grasp the users both online and offline. Africa (still) needs both.

- Mobile Security and Smartphone Hacking (is something that unfortunately is very likely to happen), which will naturally also give space for new businesses to open with anti-virus software for phones.

- Tons of African tech start-ups focusing on the needs of rural parts of the countries too. Social business will be a big...

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Africans tech talents - get ready!

This is the most interesting blog post I've read in 2012. I know, it's only 6 January, but this will inevitably be something that will be in the very core of Africa in 2012. The blog post describes 15 skills African tech talents must aquire. Making app's, data vizualization, designer, being a god writer etc. All these skills are saught for in the whole world.

As I've blogged about before, here, the Internet in Africa is growing massively these years. The beauty of the Internet is that it allows you to work from all over the world wi...

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