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With 750 million users, Facebook is absolutly the biggest social media platform. In many countries it is the most or second most visited webpage. And recently my colleague Daniel blogged (in Danish though) about the new Google+ and how quickly they have reached 20 million users (even though it's only a beta version and you have to get an invita...

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The number of Facebook users in Nigeria has just passed 4 million. This is incredible because the number is growing so fast. The past month the number of users increased with 189, 900 and during the past 6 months the Nigerian Facebook user number grew with almost 1 million.

Nigerian Facebook

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I've blogged about Facebook in Nigeria before and how quickly the development is going. The latest was this post and this post on how many Facebook users there is in Nigeria. 

Now GT Bank has passed one million fans on Facebook in Nigeria. This is equivalent to 18,66% of the total number of Nigerian Facebook users, which today is 5,357.500 (this number has actually dropped since fall 2012). Quite impressive. GT Bank has been active on social media since 2009 and is the first bank in Nigeria to reach one million fans on Facebook.  

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This is the second of four posts on Africa 2011. In this post I'll talk about two trends that really has caught my attention.

Mobile payment systems

Something that really caught the attention of many in 2011 is mobile payment. Less than 10 % of Africans have a bank account, but there are more than 620 million mobile phones in circulation. Africa has overtaken Latin America to become the second largest mobile market in the world, after Asia. Mobile payment is the future. Mobile payment has huge potential and many African countries are riding that wave now. Kenyan Safaricom has had huge success with their M-Pesa. They have transacted what is equivalent to 20 per cent of Kenya's GDP and what is more money than Western Union transfers - globally. Watch a short M-Pesa documentary  Read more

I first blogged about MXit last year when I realized MXit was and still is twice as big as Facebook in South Africa. What exactly is this mobile social media really. Why is MXitmore popular than Facebook.

According to this article MXit has 49.498,267 users in 120 countries. South Africa and Nigeria are currently the fastest growing MXit countries. 50% of the users are on Nokia handsets.


Perhaps MXit's success is just a coincidence or maybe it's because MXit is focusi...

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Here we go - Facebook hits one billion users worldwide. 

Here are some interesting statistics from the document Mark Zuckerberg links to in his notice on Facebook

Characteristics of users joining the week Facebook hit 1 billion

  • The median age of the user is about 22
  • The top five countries where people connected from at the time we reached this milestone were Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States (NOTE: in alphabetical order)
  • Facebook now has 600M mobile users

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The digital development in Nigeria is highly interesting. Two weeks ago it was announced that Facebook passed 6 million users in Nigeria. That's not the most interesting thing because Nigeria was not expected to pass South Africa in terms of users until May 2013 and the number of Facebook users grew with 720000 in September. Pretty impressive. Nigeria is now the second biggest Facebook country in Africa.

Despite Facebook's rapid growth in Nigeria and in the rest of Africa, it's not the biggest social media network in Nigeria. In this article they tell the story on how the applica...

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