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Kenya, a country with some of the best safari parks in the world and some of the best athletic runners, you probably wouldn't expect Kenya to have a ratio of patients to doctors of 6,000 to 1. Kenya has more than 25 million mobile phones which means that apps potentially have a great chance of becoming very successful.


In November 2011 the mobile app MedAfrica was launched. The app works on both smartphones and less powerful feature phones and makes it much easier for Kenyans to get in touch with a doctor. Once the app is downloaded you can check your symptoms in the symptom checker - that way the patient can make a decision on whethe...

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The digital development in Nigeria is highly interesting. Two weeks ago it was announced that Facebook passed 6 million users in Nigeria. That's not the most interesting thing because Nigeria was not expected to pass South Africa in terms of users until May 2013 and the number of Facebook users grew with 720000 in September. Pretty impressive. Nigeria is now the second biggest Facebook country in Africa.

Despite Facebook's rapid growth in Nigeria and in the rest of Africa, it's not the biggest social media network in Nigeria. In this article they tell the story on how the applica...

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