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I just stumbled upon these two articles. Quite interesting actually. I've always used Microsoft's Internet Explorer before I switch to Mac (and now I will never go back). Maybe because I didn't realize that there actually existed other browsers. Anyways, for the first time Internet Explorer now drops to less than 50% in browser market share.

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Africans tech talents - get ready!

This is the most interesting blog post I've read in 2012. I know, it's only 6 January, but this will inevitably be something that will be in the very core of Africa in 2012. The blog post describes 15 skills African tech talents must aquire. Making app's, data vizualization, designer, being a god writer etc. All these skills are saught for in the whole world.

As I've blogged about before, here, the Internet in Africa is growing massively these years. The beauty of the Internet is that it allows you to work from all over the world wi...

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Google Nigeria is really trying to push for more Internet usage in Nigeria. 15 and 16 March Google held their third web and mobile conference in Lagos, the g Nigeria.

The event gathered developers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and passionate tech people. It was clear at the event that Google are quite serious about their commitment to making the web more relevant to the everyday Nigerian. There were sessions showing Nigerians new opportunities to make money from the Internet - and there is huge potential here. Take for instance a look at Google Trader if you want to earn a little extra cash.

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The Nigerian e-commerce market is starting to catch on. The lastest platform is Kasuwa, which is a clone of Amazon for the Nigerian market. Kasuwa is Hausa for market and the online marketplace is expected to sell electronic goods, DVD's, books, and games from local and international vendors.

As a opening promotion Kasuwa offer free shipping and when signing up you get 1500 Naira as a bonus.


The online marketplace is founded by Rocket Internet (German company) and is based in Lagos, the commercial capi...

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Some days ago I blogged about Kasuwa, which is a clone of Amazon for the Nigerian market. As I also wrote in that blog post the Nigerian e-commerce market is really getting big and very interesting. With an internet penetration of 45 mio. Nigerians (12 years ago in 2000 there were only 200.000) the e-commmerce market is potentially very profitable to tap into.

Sabunta claims to be "the most comprehensive online fashion store in Nigeria!" They sell women's and men's fashion clothes and they also state that they have excellent customer service and free shipping in Nigeria. You can pay on your doorstep wh...

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The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has declared Nigeria the world's next economic giant. Obama has said his country was investing in Nigeria's success because it recognizes her as a strategic center of gravity, whose success would as well be Africa's success. Read more here.

We couldn't agree more. We believe very much in the ICT sector in Nigeria and the potential that lies in this sector, which grew 30% last year. The fiber optic cables are more or less ready. Imagine when the cables are fully ready - think of all the different types of businesses that can invest and do business in Nigeria and from Nigeria. The Internet has huge impact on most businesses today, so it is key that Nigeria get's this right.

If you're int...

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In May we were invited to speak at the New Media and Governance conference in Abuja. We shared our insights into how to activate citizens in the decision making process and how to engage with citizens through digital media (see our presentation here). The Nigerian Minister of Communication and Technology Mrs. Omobola Johnson also spoke at the conference. She is a very progressive and modern Minister in terms of integrating ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) in the development of Nigeria and working on a more open, transparent and participatory government.

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Here we go - Facebook hits one billion users worldwide. 

Here are some interesting statistics from the document Mark Zuckerberg links to in his notice on Facebook

Characteristics of users joining the week Facebook hit 1 billion

  • The median age of the user is about 22
  • The top five countries where people connected from at the time we reached this milestone were Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States (NOTE: in alphabetical order)
  • Facebook now has 600M mobile users

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