The Nigerian Amazon

The Nigerian e-commerce market is starting to catch on. The lastest platform is Kasuwa, which is a clone of Amazon for the Nigerian market. Kasuwa is Hausa for market and the online marketplace is expected to sell electronic goods, DVD's, books, and games from local and international vendors.

As a opening promotion Kasuwa offer free shipping and when signing up you get 1500 Naira as a bonus.


The online marketplace is founded by Rocket Internet (German company) and is based in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, and was recently joined by Harvard Business School graduate Tunde Kehinde. It is expected to become quite a success in Nigeria and rumors have it that Rocket Internet also is launching an online clothing store in the nearest future.

The Nigeria e-commerce market is still rather volatile but it can become very profitable if you hit the right key. This is a very interesting market and it is going to be very exciting to follow it during the coming years. The development is going extremely fast and with 45 mil Nigerians online it will become a massive market.

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