Day 5 - "The Real Nigeria"


Have you ever wondered how foreigners experience Nigeria on their first trip to the country? If yes, then this is the blog to follow in the next few weeks.

Day 5 - Real Nigeria

February 26, 2012 - Day 5

Today has offered a few experiences of how life is in "the real Nigeria". By the real Nigeria, I mean the Nigeria that is not necessarily found in the centre of the large cities or inside a fancy hotel - not that there's anything wrong with either one! I mean the Nigeria that gives you experiences, you did not expect and widens your horizon just a little. And that is exactly what today has done for me.

My day begun at 7 AM where I had to get ready in order to join Nwaya C. Collins, the regional manager of Seismonaut Africa, when going to church. Sunday morning in a Nigerian church is very different from Sunday morning in a Danish church. In Nigeria, a church service means a lot of singing, praying to the Lord and even some dancing. Let's just say, dancing is rare in a Danish church service. Nevertheless, it was extremely interesting to be part of this service, and I enjoyed experiencing how many Nigerians spend their Sunday morning.

In the afternoon, time had come for another Nigerian experience. Collins, his girlfriend and I drove to a village two hours away from Abuja in order to visit a slaughterhouse that delivers cow's horn to European companies. In Europe, the horn is e.g. used to make combs, utensils and jewellery and it is a very good use of raw products that might not be used otherwise. The slaughterhouse itself was basically a square where the animals were killed. Surrounding the square, workers were busy processing the meet and bone. Besides witnessing the processing of the horn, we also saw the finished product ready to be shipped to Europe. All in all, it was pretty amazing to get a sense of how they work with the animal.

The trip to the slaughterhouse was actually a bit of an eye-opening experience in itself. We drove through several military outposts, and even past one of the churches that was attacked by Boko Haram just before christmas. It is a thought-provoking experience to see these places that are under surveillance by the Nigerian military - places, that were recently the victims of terror. It is clear that Nigeria is a Nation in the process of rebuilding itself. But luckily it seems like they are on the way to create the powerful nation that Nigeria has the potential to become.

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