Day 3 - The Nordic Days Conference


Have you ever wondered how foreigners experience Nigeria on their first trip to the country? If yes, then this is the blog to follow in the next few weeks.

Day 3 - Lagos2

February 24, 2012 - Day 3

As part of my trip to Nigeria, a few days in Lagos was included in the schedule. Lagos is the centre of business in Nigeria and a very hectic city during the day. As if this was not enough reason to visit the city, the Nordic Embassies in Nigeria were also hosting a three-day event called Nordic Days. The event focused on Nordic culture and business, and, as expected, was a great place to network.

l had looked forward to beginning the Nordic Days conference with a session of wine tasting. Unfortunately, the wine never made it to Nigeria, and this part of the event was cancelled. Instead, the evening was spent listening to Nordic poetry and classical music before the dinner and valuable networking set in.

Unlike the evening before, there were a number of Danes among the participants this evening. It was extremely interesting to talk to the representatives from the Danish companies and hear their experiences and views on Nigeria. Among the people I talked to were the new consul general, the owner of Fanmilk, marketing directors from Maersk, and the CEO from Tetra Park West Africa. All of them agreed that the business potential in Nigeria is great and opportunities for profit are many. The potential for business is exceptionally clear in the more established and necessary sectors of production, raw materials and fast moving consumer goods. The need in and around the construction industry is enormous - and will only grow in the future since both Nigeria's population and economy is rapidly growing.

Another opportunity for companies are Public-Private Partnerships, or PPPs, with the Nigerian government, where especially the current expansion and improvement of the infrastructure is subject of many, large contracts. And obviously oil is also still a money making business in Nigeria.

All in all, I think it is safe to say that the Danish companies that have already ventured to Nigeria have had great success - and that further business opportunities are easy to pinpoint, both in the near and distant future.

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