How We Work

Seismonaut approach client challenges with a simple, yet effective four-step process that brings together the pioneer's vision with the practitioner's view. Our process works on a micro level as well as a macro level and is fine-tuned to all the projects we undertake.

Map - Create - Shape - Build

We understand the delicate balance between creative experiments and the realities of the corporate world. That's why we don't just imagine your future, we make it happen. But first and foremost, we work closely together with you to understand your challenges and to identify the necessary project focus.


Map Opportunities

Innovation begins with exploring the world. With a clearly defined purpose, we venture into the field to collect as much relevant information as possible. Our speciality is digging deeper, digging differently and looking in less obvious and less well-researched areas. We gain user insight by connecting with consumers to study how they interact, feel and express their wants and needs.

Create Ideas

Having gained unique people insights we identify patterns in the collected data. We use this to create ideas, lots of ideas. However, the hard part is not getting ideas - it's sorting the good ones from the bad. By engaging our team's diversity we drive a thorough qualification process to end up with a handful of exceptional ideas. These ideas are made into tangible visions, clarifying visuals and powerful text - all in all to create a portfolio of possibilities that address your challenge.

Shape Concepts

We bridge the gap between idea and strategy by shaping the best ideas into strong concepts. You and your team's knowledge is essential and we believe in strong collaboration to define a strategic path. We deploy a 360 degrees view, where all the surrounding aspects are considered. That means we make a viable business case, a fitting communication strategy and a well-thought design for the overall customer experience. We create scenarios and bring forth concrete solutions for your company to develop and implement.

Build Solutions

A concept is nothing without proper execution. We work with you to carry out a plan for further concept development and execution. We work with your development team and assist with testing and verification of the customer experience. We work dedicated to keep the ideas alive within your organization and provide on-going guidance to make sure you make radical steps forward.

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